Latest Technologies Used By Courier Service Industry to Provide Better Services

Undoubtedly, technological advancements have become an inevitable part of our everyday lives. A new day either brings an innovation or we get to hear about an improvement in technology in almost every field, like healthcare, manufacturing, communications, etc. The logistics sector is no exception to this. In fact, the latest technology trends here are driving the growth of this industry. It is due to these new developments that there is an increase in efficiency of the courier service at an unexpectedly faster rate. Also, better service quality has made them more competitive which is the reason business owners, the healthcare industry and individuals are relying on the more nowadays for their shipping needs.

The introduction of new technologies has not only improved the customer experience but also given ways to the business owners to lower their shipping and courier delivery costs. Let’s talk about those latest trends that are bringing favorable changes in the functioning and operations of the courier services.

New technologies adopted by the courier service sector that help in improving efficiency


Route Planning

This assists the service provider to map the best route for transportation and delivery of the packages. A route planning software is used by the drivers to find the optimal route that has less traffic and takes the least time. This tool has proved to be very useful for both the courier service company and the business owner because it saves a lot of time besides reducing the transportation costs. Lower transportation cost also implies lower courier costs to be charged by the agency and hence it is beneficial for you to hire someone that uses this amazing route optimizing tool.

Delivery alerts via text and emails

With the adoption of the above-mentioned tech, it becomes possible for the agency to predict the exact time needed to deliver your parcel. This, in turn, helps them to alert you in advance about the expected delivery date to make things convenient for you. In addition to this, they also provide frequent updates regarding your parcel’s whereabouts to your customers through email and text messages. This also means the recipient is going to receive information the moment your parcel is dispatched from the warehouse when it has been loaded onto a carrier, and when it is out for delivery. This huge technology update will better the customer-client relationship and also ensure hassle-free delivery. Once your customers are happy with the delivery experience, they are going to keep coming back to you.

Real-time updates

After alerting your customers about the expected delivery dates and other details, the courier company also advises what to do in case of unavailability. They provide options to reschedule your time or date of delivery. One can simply text them back asking them to postpone the date or time or can give them an alternate safe location to leave the parcel. After receiving this piece of information, the same is conveyed immediately to the concerned driver or courier service executives. This way it reduces the number of failed deliveries and betters the receiver’s experience with the carrier service.

Improved fleet management

After products leave the factory or manufacturing facility, nothing is in your hands. Whatever happens after receiving the deliverables in the warehouse is not under your control. It is very difficult to know how the parcels are being handled or packed by the warehouse personnel. But this used to happen earlier, not now anymore. Fortunately, the new fleet management tools available allow you, the client, to monitor and track any package whenever you feel there is a need for it. Also, if your products involve storing and packaging in certain specific conditions like temperature-controlled or cushioned due to its fragile nature, you can cross-check it for your assurance. You will be getting notifications when any specified condition is not followed or any misfortunate events occur to it like misplacement, lost, damaged, etc. In other words, this new technology will provide better insurance coverage for all your shipments.


This is the newest one and is in the news very much these days. It is the most recent tool which can used for delivering goods faster and more efficiently without any human interference. Though this still has a long way to go before becoming a regular tool in the courier service race, it has great potential of bringing the biggest revolution in the courier industry with its exceptional functionality.

Key Takeaway

Hope, now, it is evident to you that seeking the service of a courier company that uses these latest technologies is the wisest decision to make for your business. It not only keeps your costs low but ensures your customers have the best-ever experience with delivery. Smart Delivery Service, one of the oldest establishments for courier services in Minneapolis can be your ideal pick for this. How? We have embraced the latest trends and integrated them in the best possible manner to ensure quick and trouble-free delivery. Usage of the latest LTE communication technologies, Google Map tracking, online reporting, instant email and text notifications, barcodes scanners, are some of the few advanced tools we use to provide the best kind of service to our clients.