4 Ways you can Save on Shipping Costs in Dallas

4 Ways you can Save on Shipping Costs in Dallas

4 Ways you can Save on Shipping Costs in Dallas

The Coronavirus pandemic, undoubtedly, is the most expensive time of the year. It makes traditional shopping unsafe, but it is also driving businesses to adopt eCommerce practices. This is due to the fact that customers have turned to online eCommerce stores to satisfy their shopping needs in these crucial circumstances.

There are some simple mistakes that many of us can make when we employ a delivery service to serve our needs. Following are the simplest yet most costly mistakes that we need to avoid:

1. It would help if you delivered directly to the final recipient

We know that this one’s pretty obvious. Nevertheless, we have observed that countless people order an item online and get it shipped to them. Once delivered, they drag the package to a shipping or courier service and send it to some other address. This is a bad practice that will cost you a fortune if you follow this as a business service. Add gift wrapping services and low-cost or free shipping services to your packages and let the courier service do all the work for you. In this way, you can save a lot on your shipping costs.

2. Ensure that the address for the final destination is 100% accurate

If you partner up with a delivery service provider, know that even a minor change in the address can cost you tens of dollars. Thus, you should always ensure that the address mentioned on the product is 100% correct. Similarly, never leave the package dimensions blank. Some of the businesses leave the package dimensions blank and expect the customer to fill them out later. Remember that these omissions can increase the delivery and shipment costs. It can also slow down the shipment process, so always ensure that you take care of these little details.

3. Exploit the envelope; pack as small as possible

Envelopes are the best examples of stuffing several things in small item packaging. When you are using a delivery service and want to cut down the avoidable costs, you must ensure that you pack the products in the smallest package available. If something can be wrapped in an envelope, it is okay to refrain from using the store shipping boxes. Big boxes and packets will add nothing but costs to the item being shipped. There are times when you can use envelopes instead of small parcels as well. Just make sure that your product is ideally protected and you are all set.

4. Remember national free-shipping days

If you are working with a delivery service provider, these days are your best opportunity to reduce costs. Many courier services offer free shipping on national holidays such as Christmas. You can clear all your orders that can be managed on these national days by paying not costs at all. In addition to that, you can offer free delivery to your customers too , helping you attract more customers. Always remember that if you provide optimal delivery services, there is a high expectancy that your customers will return to you. Therefore, never forget to keep a note of free shipping days and make the most out of them.


There are many ways in which you can cut down your shipment costs. Always ensure that you pack the product in the smallest package possible, and never overlook little details, including the delivery address and package dimensions. Always ensure that you deliver the package to the final destination and keep an eye on free shipping days. In this way, you can lower shipment costs, and in the long run, you can attract more customers using free or low-cost delivery services.

Safety Measures Medical Transportation Follow While Delivering Pharmaceuticals

Safety Measures Medical Transportation Follow While Delivering Pharmaceuticals

Safety Measures Medical Transportation Follow While Delivering Pharmaceuticals

Distribution and transportation of pharmaceuticals require much more attention and care compared to regular shipping. Moving medical items from point A to point B demands the medical courier service of an experienced and reliable logistics agency considering the sensitive nature of the deliverables. Pharmaceuticals require specific handling because it involves a lot of safety hazards. It is important for every transportation partner to learn about those risks and know ways to minimize those risks in advance.

Unless you are assured that all the safety protocols are strictly followed by your hired agency, it is difficult for you to rely on them. Before anything, secure and safe handling and transportation is your greatest concern when it comes to medical transportation courier. The process is incredibly complex and that is why it needs supervision.

Here in this blog, all the safety tips followed by a courier service provider have been discussed in detail.

Safeguarding against any type of potential theft

The cargo containing medical supplies are of high value due to their content. All the items are either life-saving essentials or have high monetary worth due to their scarce nature. Due to these reasons, such freight is a prime target for thieves. Incidents of cargo theft are much higher in pharmaceutical transportations compared to other freight types. The first and foremost job of a medical courier is to conduct a risk assessment and then accordingly plan corrective actions to prevent it. Logistics partner has their own set of rules and guidelines that they instruct their staff and drivers to follow strictly to keep every shipment safe from robbery or theft.

Environment and temperature controlled

Most of the pharmacy items require specific temperatures to be maintained in the storage facility as well as during transportation. To preserve the quality of the products it is crucial to keep the environment around them hygienic, secured and well organized. Even when these items are in transit the same environmental conditions need to be maintained to ascertain that they reach the destinations in intact condition.

Meeting the deadlines

Apart from the limitation of temperature control, another factor that makes pharmaceutical transportation critical from other shipments is timeliness. A few minutes of delay in the delivery of clinical samples or blood specimens can influence testing results. Some samples may even become invalid for testing if it reaches the pathological lab late. Also, most pharmaceutical items are time-sensitive due to their high usefulness and health impact. Sometimes, on-start of the treatment of the patients depends on the delivery of medical essentials. Maintaining accurate departure times and planning the most efficient routes for transportation are the greatest responsibilities of the delivery service provider.

Always be emergency ready

Hospitals and emergency situations are two sides of the same coin. If anyone is capable of handling those emergency needs then it has to be a reputed courier firm with longs years of experience in the field of medical courier. In cases of delay, an experienced agency only knows how to fix the issue, take quick actions and reach the destination on time and save someone’s life. Most transportation agencies have some exceptional facilities and provisions to deal with urgent hospital crisis and address patient’s needs on an immediate basis.

Careful packaging of the Pharma products

Thorough and cautious packaging of these items is necessary to ensure that their terms and condition is not compromised at any cost while in transit. In addition to transporting them in temperature-controlled trucks, the products need to be sealed in insulated containers. Thermal packaging gives the items complete protection against damaging sunlight, temperature fluctuations, humid weather and other serious external conditions.

Key takeaway

Transportation and delivery of pharmaceutical items are a high responsibility job as safety and intact condition of the products are the biggest concern here. Though medical courier service providers are always under the obligation to follow strict safety guidelines there is always a fear of theft because of their high-value. Besides theft, other worries relating to pharmacy transportation are delay, damage due to bad weather conditions, etc. To ensure no such mishaps occur, you need to find out trustworthy medical transportation that takes great care of the items both during handling and courier. You can always rely on Smart Delivery Service as we are more than 3o years in this business and have a specialized team for efficient, super fast and reliable delivery. Our customer base comprises of hospitals, pharmacies, clinics, medical warehouses, labs, and home healthcare. To learn more about our courier service in Minneapolis, reach out to us anytime online or call us.

Latest Technologies Used By Courier Service Industry to Provide Better Services

Latest Technologies Used By Courier Service Industry to Provide Better Services

Latest Technologies Used By Courier Service Industry to Provide Better Services

Undoubtedly, technological advancements have become an inevitable part of our everyday lives. A new day either brings an innovation or we get to hear about an improvement in technology in almost every field, like healthcare, manufacturing, communications, etc. The logistics sector is no exception to this. In fact, the latest technology trends here are driving the growth of this industry. It is due to these new developments that there is an increase in efficiency of the courier service at an unexpectedly faster rate. Also, better service quality has made them more competitive which is the reason business owners, the healthcare industry and individuals are relying on the more nowadays for their shipping needs.

The introduction of new technologies has not only improved the customer experience but also given ways to the business owners to lower their shipping and courier delivery costs. Let’s talk about those latest trends that are bringing favorable changes in the functioning and operations of the courier services.

New technologies adopted by the courier service sector that help in improving efficiency


Route Planning

This assists the service provider to map the best route for transportation and delivery of the packages. A route planning software is used by the drivers to find the optimal route that has less traffic and takes the least time. This tool has proved to be very useful for both the courier service company and the business owner because it saves a lot of time besides reducing the transportation costs. Lower transportation cost also implies lower courier costs to be charged by the agency and hence it is beneficial for you to hire someone that uses this amazing route optimizing tool.

Delivery alerts via text and emails

With the adoption of the above-mentioned tech, it becomes possible for the agency to predict the exact time needed to deliver your parcel. This, in turn, helps them to alert you in advance about the expected delivery date to make things convenient for you. In addition to this, they also provide frequent updates regarding your parcel’s whereabouts to your customers through email and text messages. This also means the recipient is going to receive information the moment your parcel is dispatched from the warehouse when it has been loaded onto a carrier, and when it is out for delivery. This huge technology update will better the customer-client relationship and also ensure hassle-free delivery. Once your customers are happy with the delivery experience, they are going to keep coming back to you.

Real-time updates

After alerting your customers about the expected delivery dates and other details, the courier company also advises what to do in case of unavailability. They provide options to reschedule your time or date of delivery. One can simply text them back asking them to postpone the date or time or can give them an alternate safe location to leave the parcel. After receiving this piece of information, the same is conveyed immediately to the concerned driver or courier service executives. This way it reduces the number of failed deliveries and betters the receiver’s experience with the carrier service.

Improved fleet management

After products leave the factory or manufacturing facility, nothing is in your hands. Whatever happens after receiving the deliverables in the warehouse is not under your control. It is very difficult to know how the parcels are being handled or packed by the warehouse personnel. But this used to happen earlier, not now anymore. Fortunately, the new fleet management tools available allow you, the client, to monitor and track any package whenever you feel there is a need for it. Also, if your products involve storing and packaging in certain specific conditions like temperature-controlled or cushioned due to its fragile nature, you can cross-check it for your assurance. You will be getting notifications when any specified condition is not followed or any misfortunate events occur to it like misplacement, lost, damaged, etc. In other words, this new technology will provide better insurance coverage for all your shipments.


This is the newest one and is in the news very much these days. It is the most recent tool which can used for delivering goods faster and more efficiently without any human interference. Though this still has a long way to go before becoming a regular tool in the courier service race, it has great potential of bringing the biggest revolution in the courier industry with its exceptional functionality.

Key Takeaway

Hope, now, it is evident to you that seeking the service of a courier company that uses these latest technologies is the wisest decision to make for your business. It not only keeps your costs low but ensures your customers have the best-ever experience with delivery. Smart Delivery Service, one of the oldest establishments for courier services in Minneapolis can be your ideal pick for this. How? We have embraced the latest trends and integrated them in the best possible manner to ensure quick and trouble-free delivery. Usage of the latest LTE communication technologies, Google Map tracking, online reporting, instant email and text notifications, barcodes scanners, are some of the few advanced tools we use to provide the best kind of service to our clients.

How to Find a Good Warehousing Delivery Service Solution

How to Find a Good Warehousing Delivery Service Solution

How to Find a Good Warehousing Delivery Service Solution

The speed and efficiency of your supply chain are determined by the operations and management in the warehouse. Everything starting from delivering parcels to managing inventory relies on the warehousing service you have hired for your business. After a long period of time, specialized fulfillment and delivery service have become possible only after technological advancements and improvement in warehousing practices.

A warehouse service basically involves picking finished goods from the production house, hoard them in a warehouse or storage facility, and timely ship them to the customers. But this chain or series of actions need to be done with complete accuracy in order to ensure that no package gets delayed for delivery. That’s why while hiring a warehousing solution you need to be extra cautious. A negligent behavior or inefficient functioning of the staff in the storage facility can harm your business.

So, here are 7 factors that can help you in finding a perfect warehousing and logistics solution for your business.

1. Location

The key consideration while looking for a warehouse is its location. It must be a proper and reasonable location, possibly with close proximity to all your customers, to ensure that deliveries are always on-time and cost-effective. Assess the transportation costs from your factory to warehousing and from the warehouse to the common destinations for your regular customers’ orders. Meeting up to customer’s expectations is a challenging affair and delivery before the stipulated timeline can make things easy for you.

2. Accessibility

How easy or convenient is to access your hired warehouse is the next thing you should look into carefully. In order to minimize the likelihood of packages being delayed, make sure that it meets specific prerequisites that your business needs. For instance, if export and import are a major part of your trade, then a warehouse situated near to a port is an added advantage for you. Never forget to consider these 5 following things while assessing the accessibility.

  • Access to transportation
  • Road safety and conditions
  • Traffic on the route
  • Highway interconnectivity
  • Road Signage

3. Experience

A company that has many years of experience in handling packages and inventory of established businesses will be certainly more competent compared to the one who is new in this field. Check out its operational dates to know its tenure or experience. An expert agency who knows how to deal with the types of products your company produces is necessary. For different kinds of goods say fragile food items, medical products or electronic gadgets, certain storage standards are set which must be fulfilled by your hired warehouse company.

4. Employees Qualification and Nature

Trained professionals are a must as it determines how vigilantly your packages will be handled and stored in the storage house. A reliable workforce that includes experienced employees with the skill and capability to handle specific shipments is what you need most for your business to run smoothly. Also, comparing the warehousing facility size in relation to the total number of workers can help you comprehend whether it is a good fit for your business. Ideally, what you need is a good-sized facility with an adequate amount of staff that can give enough attention to your inventory and shipments.

5. Technology

For better service provisions, make sure that your warehouse agency uses all the latest technologies and infrastructure. Those embracing high-end technology like pick-by-vision systems, drones, electronic data exchange are always a better choice for you because it guarantees smooth operations 24*7 a week.

6. Diverse capabilities

There are two types of warehousing services – one that offers diverse facilities and storage services and another one is with a basic layout. It’s always advisable to go for the former with integrated solutions because seamless storage and efficient distribution and delivery service is their key focus. Hiring such kind of warehouse solution provides assurance of a well-organized supply chain network.

7. Client Profile

Last but not the least; you shouldn’t forget to check the client profile or background of the warehouse. This will help you to understand whether it is capable of handling the needs of larger companies or the company of your type. If the client profile shows it has dealt only with small enterprises and you are a mid-sized or big established brand, then you should never pick this one.

Final Words

Warehousing plays a crucial part in handling and managing your company’s shipping requests. Smart Delivery Service has a huge customer base spread locally, regionally and nationally and has more than 30 years of experience. Our warehouse logistics can assist you in reducing your inventory levels. We also offer a customized delivery service in Dallas that is tailored as per your business needs. Contact us today to get a custom quote or to know more about our warehouse services.

How Important Is Same-Day Delivery Service for the Healthcare Sector

How Important Is Same-Day Delivery Service for the Healthcare Sector

How Important Is Same-Day Delivery Service for the Healthcare Sector

Other than business owners and private individuals, the healthcare sector is largely dependent on courier services to retain their high quality of service to patients. Pharmacies, hospitals and pathological labs need medical supplies, equipment and life-saving drugs to be delivered urgently on a daily basis. Only a dedicated delivery service with a great track record is qualified for this job. A courier firm offering same-day delivery, on-demand services or ASAP services is considered ideal for hiring

.An unreliable courier service can slow down the transportation and distribution of important items, putting people’s lives at risk. Whether it is a private clinic, hospital, care center, or large medical institute, the importance of same-day delivery remains the same. We are going to explore the significance of same-day courier services and how it is helping healthcare professionals maintain their quality of service to their patients and other medical staff.

Importance of same-day delivery service in the medical sector


To tackle an emergency medical situation

An emergency delivery of blood occurs often in hospitals, especially during surgeries. If the hospital does not have a blood bank of their own, or if they are running low on their supply of blood donors, they need to rely on other blood banks to meet the urgent demand for blood. In cases of rare blood groups and organ transplants, hospitals seek blood banks and organ donors that can fulfill their requirements of fast turnaround times. After the arrangement has been made, a medical courier becomes involved. The blood or the organ needs to be transported right away, within an hour or two, under regulated temperature and specific conditions to avoid biohazard. A trained courier driver ensures that they deliver the blood on time in an efficient manner.

Restocking and replenishing of PPE and surgical equipment

The need for surgical equipment, lab instruments, and PPE for doctors, nurses and staff are never-ending. A trustworthy medical courier service that ensures same-day delivery as and when required is a necessity. This is not only for daily replenishment of equipment and consumables in the hospitals, but also for dentists, labs, and other health specialists needing a variety of products while treating their patients. The demand for such products is uncertain and therefore when a sudden need arises, a dedicated courier service provider comes to their rescue by delivering the supplies as quickly as possible that same day.

Pharmacies required urgent delivery to hospitals and individuals

Healthcare service and pharmacy are two sides of the same coin. The quality of service of healthcare institutes is directly dependent on the supply of life-saving drugs, medicines, and injections by the pharmacies to the hospitals. Moreover, elderly individuals and home-bound patients depend largely on courier firms to get their essential medicines delivered to their doorstep. Most of the time, the delivery needs to be done on an emergency basis and same-day services have them covered by facilitating this transportation need.

Transportation of Patient’s medical reports and past records

Sometimes, under critical conditions, patients get transferred from one hospital to another without any notice. It is the duty of the former hospital to provide the documents & medical records of the patients to the new hospital he or she is admitted to. The documents specifically include patient’s blood reports, past records, x-ray and scan copies, prescriptions, details of the treatment course, medical history, past diagnosis reports etc. Without these details and useful information, starting treatment is not possible. Same-day courier service is extremely important here for the safe and fast transportation of these records and reports on-time which helps health professionals review and start treatment procedures without delay.

Sample delivery for clinical trials

Research and trials are important for the healthcare industry. It is due to the determined research of medical researchers and experts that various diagnoses of diseases and their treatment is possible. During their course of research in the laboratories, trial samples as well as findings of the research are needed to be transported quickly. A courier firm can help in the safe transportation and fast delivery of trial samples and results.

Smart Delivery Service takes a lot of pride in offering a much-valued and reliable same-day courier service to the medical and healthcare sector. We have earned the trust of reputed medical establishments with our hard work and dedication. Our delivery service in Dallas includes Same-day, ASAP, 2-hour, and 4-hour services. Our GPS technology and quick booking service ensure that we have your back whenever you need us. You can depend on us for your medical delivery needs and our team of professionals will make sure you are able to serve your patients in the best possible manner.

3 Mistakes You Can Not Afford To Make In Warehousing Service

3 Mistakes You Can Not Afford To Make In Warehousing Service

3 Mistakes You Can Not Afford To Make In Warehousing Service

Warehouse operations have never been as easy as pie. There are several constraints like inventory holding, channel distribution, speed delivery, etc that keep the managers strained most of the time. So, before it’s too late and you are left with nothing but regret, read this post to understand the mistakes you need to avoid in warehousing services Dallas management to keep your business in good shape.

To stay on the top always in terms of efficiency in warehousing services, you need to identify the three most common flaws that you have been making and take some remedial actions against those issues. On the contrary, if you feel that warehouse management under you is free from these faults, then congratulations. However, there is no harm in remaining vigilant as things may slip sometimes. So, it’s better to note down the issues most warehouse service providers face and how to get rid of them.

And those who find handling supplies in the warehouse a troublesome affair, we have some good news for you too. In Dallas, warehousing service of top-notch quality is provided by none other than the well-famed Smart Delivery Service Inc. Hence, outsource your warehousing and distributing job to them while you fully focus on company production. Isn’t it a great idea?

Coming back to the discussion, let us find out the 3 key mistakes that logistics operation managers need to avoid.

Stocking Excess Inventory Hoarding a lot of inventories is a common mistake made by almost 80% of the supply chain organizers. Often, wholesalers get swayed by discounts on bulk quantity and make the blunder of stocking their warehouses with excessive inventories. The right thing to do is to keep a check on the inventory level so that you can channelize the extra money, recovered by reducing inventory stock, on some other productive activities.

Sticking To The Old-School Paperwork Process Warehouse managers think that adopting digitization by using applications software for tracking the supply chain and distribution process would raise the management cost and hence sticking to the pen-paper methodology is the best thing to do. Only a few realize that they are moving on the wrong track. Using practical software applications not only speeds up the tracking and information-update process but also saves manpower for other functional jobs.

Lack Of Proper Safety And Health Supervision When buying a product was only confined to showrooms, owners made sure that the environment in which they are showcasing and selling their merchandise is clean, safe and healthy. But as business structure started shifting to e-commerce and online delivery, this idea of maintaining a healthy surrounding somehow went astray. It’s only when any of the warehouse staff would fall prey to any hidden hazard causing serious injury or fatal accidents, one would realize this regrettable mistake of overlooking the safety issue. So without any delay, find out the unknown as well as evident threats that your warehouse may succumb to and act to eliminate them entirely.

Hope, by now, you have understood how to administer and supervise a fault-free warehousing service. Still, if you feel that this is not your cup of tea, Smart Delivery Service Inc is always at your service to give you a hassle-free supply chain and warehouse management service. Contact us for more information about Warehousing.