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Delivery Service

Over 28 years of delivery Service experience gives you confidence that you’re working with a professional courier service who keeps up with the fast pace of your business is the best on time delivery service provider in the Texas area. Our road to success consisted of hard work and dedication to become the company that we are now. We offer service that is better than any other in the market. At delivery service, we built our foundation upon the idea of dependability and nonstop customer support. Instead of conducting business in the same form as other transportation firms and delivery services at the time, we focused on creating logistics solutions that went above and beyond the normal protocol for our industry.

By leading through a core foundation of steadfast ethics and a strong value system, our clients, employees, contractors, vendors and business partners have come to know and appreciate the way in which we operate. This foundation is the core reason why we still continue to partner with the first client we began with in 1989 and many others that we have operated with for more than a decade.

DSD recognizes that to advance in the delivery service industry, in these tough economic conditions, we must continue to improve our operation by reinvesting in the business. Delivery Service Dallas plans to expand to cover more territories, create more employmet opportunities in our community, and continue to grow our satisfied customer base

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It’s is all about making a difference, the size of your organization doesn’t matter to us, we want to help you make a difference, whether it be big or small.

Dallas/Ft Worth, TX

754 Port America Pl, Ste 300
Grapevine, TX 76051
Phone: 817-540-0000
Fax: 817-540-0003


Houston, TX

1414 West Sam Houston Pkwy
Houston, TX 77043
Phone: 713-730-5098
Fax: 817-540-0003


Minneapolis/St Paul, MN

5512 Lakeland Ave N
Minneapolis, MN 55429
Phone: 612-405-0000
Fax: 612-405-7000