4 Ways you can Save on Shipping Costs in Dallas

The Coronavirus pandemic, undoubtedly, is the most expensive time of the year. It makes traditional shopping unsafe, but it is also driving businesses to adopt eCommerce practices. This is due to the fact that customers have turned to online eCommerce stores to satisfy their shopping needs in these crucial circumstances.

There are some simple mistakes that many of us can make when we employ a delivery service to serve our needs. Following are the simplest yet most costly mistakes that we need to avoid:

1. It would help if you delivered directly to the final recipient

We know that this one’s pretty obvious. Nevertheless, we have observed that countless people order an item online and get it shipped to them. Once delivered, they drag the package to a shipping or courier service and send it to some other address. This is a bad practice that will cost you a fortune if you follow this as a business service. Add gift wrapping services and low-cost or free shipping services to your packages and let the courier service do all the work for you. In this way, you can save a lot on your shipping costs.

2. Ensure that the address for the final destination is 100% accurate

If you partner up with a delivery service provider, know that even a minor change in the address can cost you tens of dollars. Thus, you should always ensure that the address mentioned on the product is 100% correct. Similarly, never leave the package dimensions blank. Some of the businesses leave the package dimensions blank and expect the customer to fill them out later. Remember that these omissions can increase the delivery and shipment costs. It can also slow down the shipment process, so always ensure that you take care of these little details.

3. Exploit the envelope; pack as small as possible

Envelopes are the best examples of stuffing several things in small item packaging. When you are using a delivery service and want to cut down the avoidable costs, you must ensure that you pack the products in the smallest package available. If something can be wrapped in an envelope, it is okay to refrain from using the store shipping boxes. Big boxes and packets will add nothing but costs to the item being shipped. There are times when you can use envelopes instead of small parcels as well. Just make sure that your product is ideally protected and you are all set.

4. Remember national free-shipping days

If you are working with a delivery service provider, these days are your best opportunity to reduce costs. Many courier services offer free shipping on national holidays such as Christmas. You can clear all your orders that can be managed on these national days by paying not costs at all. In addition to that, you can offer free delivery to your customers too , helping you attract more customers. Always remember that if you provide optimal delivery services, there is a high expectancy that your customers will return to you. Therefore, never forget to keep a note of free shipping days and make the most out of them.


There are many ways in which you can cut down your shipment costs. Always ensure that you pack the product in the smallest package possible, and never overlook little details, including the delivery address and package dimensions. Always ensure that you deliver the package to the final destination and keep an eye on free shipping days. In this way, you can lower shipment costs, and in the long run, you can attract more customers using free or low-cost delivery services.