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Medical Courier Services Dallas

Medical courier service Dallas is specialized medical courier services and it needs a lot of understating and expertise to handle them responsibly. Dallas Delivery Service has a special team to cater to the delivery services of the Medical industry. The Medical Courier Service Dallas team is equipped with trained staff and temperature-controlled transporting equipment that is required for the delivery of medical samples. The Medical Delivery Fort Worth team has an Exposure Control Plan (ECP) that addresses the exceptional requirements of the medical fraternity.

On-demand medical courier service of Dallas Delivery includes:
o Direct (45 Minutes) – picked up by the nearest courier and delivered to the destination
o 1 Hour – The best option for critical deliveries
o 90 Minutes – Cost effective service
o 2 Hour – Cost saving method
o 3 Hour- The most cost-effective service

Dallas Delivery offers the following medical services:
o Our complete team including the drivers are HAZMAT trained and knows how to handle emergency situations during delivery
o For specimens and equipment, emergency and STAT service is provided
o We strictly follow specimen integrity maintenance
o Delivery to labs after collecting specimens from patients’ homes or from clinics
o Delivery of pharmaceutical supplies and samples to pharmaceutical reps
o Delivery of medical records, charts, X-rays, or other medical documents
o All delivery vehicles have spill kits for safer delivery of specimens
o Delivery vehicles have OSHA partitioned coolers for specimen transport
o Prescription drugs from manufacturers and distributors to Hospitals and Clinics
o Delivery of drugs and supplies at patients’ homes

To avail of our services call the Medical Courier Dallas provider at 817-540-0000.

Trained Medical Drivers
It takes a lot of responsibility to offer specialty medical courier service and we try to fulfill it. We ensure that we follow all safety guidelines for the delivery of medical products. Our drivers are trained on a regular basis to make them aware of the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). While delivering medical specimens our drivers carry spill kits and they are well trained to handle such situations efficiently.

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